We Are CDA

Since 1962 we have connected consumers with the products they love. 

The California Distributors Association represents distributors that service the grocery and convenience store industry throughout the state.


October 28-31, 2019

Harvest Inn

St Helena, California

For over 55 years, our association has represented the distributors’ and associate members’ interests before the legislative, administrative, regulatory and executive branches of government. We are experts in government affairs and regulatory advocacy.

Since 1962 the California Distributor’s Association has helped our members meet their business goals by preventing unnecessary and harmful regulation and legislation. To ensure success, we maintain close relations with executive and regulatory personnel and with key Legislators on both sides of the aisle. Our relationships and passionate advocacy have helped build understanding about the important work our members do, and the role we play in making the communities we serve better.

In addition, we participate in key coalitions in order to work with other business groups with similar interests to effectuate a strong voice in government.

About CDA

The California Distributors Association is a non-profit California corporation. CDA's membership includes a variety of distributors that service the grocery and convenience store industry throughout the state.

Since 1962

Since 1962, we have used our team's skills to help our members meet their business goals.



We are the only association that represents California distributors.


We are stronger together, join us in protecting your business.

Advocacy Team


Dennis Loper: Executive Director

In 1977, Dennis was appointed Executive Director of the California Distributors Association—a position that he still holds today. Because CDA members are wholesale grocers who provide distribution services to convenience stores, independent grocers, and small supermarket chains, they must abide by both national and state regulations; thus, as the association’s legislative advocate, Dennis has both state and federal responsibilities.


Meghan Loper

Loper has been helping shape State policy for over a decade. She brings extensive government affairs experience advocating for private businesses and working with elected officials. Ms. Loper has a unique ability to identify policy opportunities, develop effective advocacy strategies and achieve success by utilizing her bipartisan network with key decision-makers.


David Creager

Creager’s political and legislative experience spans over a decade and across multiple disciplines. Mr. Creager served members of both houses in the legislature, has managed statewide political organizations, managed numerous political campaigns, and worked for a multi-state trade association to grow and engage membership.

"CDA's membership includes a variety of distributors that service the grocery and convenience store industry throughout the state."

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