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MTC Distributing Receives Commendation on 100 years of operation

Recently, MTC Distributing celebrated 100 years of operation. The Assembly members and Senator that represent the region where their facilities are located presented a resolution commending MTC on their years of service to the community and the distinction of having reached this momentous milestone. You can read that resolution below:


By the Honorable Adam C. Gray, 21st Assembly District;

the Honorable Heath Flora, 12th Assembly District;

the Honorable Carlos Villapudua, 13th Assembly District;

and the Honorable Anna M. Caballero, 12th Senatorial District;

Relative to commending




          WHEREAS, MTC Distributing is celebrating its one hundredth anniversary, and it is appropriate at this time to highlight its history of achievements and underscore the positive impact it has had within the communities it serves; and


          WHEREAS, In 1921, Herbert P. Eakin began MTC Distributing as Modesto Tobacco Company, a small, family-owned business distributing tobacco products to Modesto and Central California, and in 1932, Herbert’s son, William Eakin, took over the business and changed the name to Modesto Tobacco and Candy, reflecting the incorporation of candy to the product line; and


          WHEREAS, Maintaining steadfast commitment to customer service and high business ethics since first opening its doors, the company was purchased in 1986 by Tom Eakin, Herbert Eakin’s grandson, and rebranded as MTC Distributing, which today has hundreds of employees and provides approximately 12,000 goods to some 1,600 retailers across California and northern Nevada; and


          WHEREAS, By providing exemplary services, using the most modern technologies available, and providing competitive prices, MTC Distributing has become a leader in customer satisfaction, and to ensure the safety of its employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has funded additional pay to its critical workers; supplied each of its employees with $150 to cover the cost of purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies; and invested in the hiring of sanitation employees and professional cleaning services, PPE supplies, additional leave for essential workers, extended employee break times, and general infrastructure; and


          WHEREAS, An outstanding reflection of the free enterprise system, MTC Distributing has been a tremendous corporate citizen by helping to meet the needs of the community through philanthropy that has reached myriad organizations and individuals, including making financial donations and contributing food products to All About Hope to create Hope Boxes for health care workers, first responders, and children and their families spending time in hospitals; pledging to help underwrite the expenses associated with honoring Deputy Robert Paris in Washington, D.C., at the National Peace Officers Memorial, after he lost his life while serving in the line of duty; and contributing to the Dennis Wallace Memorial Fund, which was created after Deputy Wallace was tragically killed in the line of duty; and


          WHEREAS, In addition, MTC Distributing has annually donated to Teens Run Modesto, the Healthy Aging Association, and United Cerebral Palsy Sacramento; additionally contributed to the Community Hospice Foundation, UC Merced Foundation, and California Tribal College; created an annual Softball Tournament Charity Event to bring together the community to raise funds and awareness for local charities; and provided annual scholarships and services to local high school students; and


          WHEREAS, By contributing to the success and sustainability of the communities in which it does business, MTC Distributing enhances the quality of life for local residents and instills a great sense of pride in the individuals who are associated with it; now, therefore, be it


          RESOLVED BY ASSEMBLY MEMBERS ADAM C. GRAY, HEATH FLORA, AND CARLOS VILLAPUDUA AND SENATOR ANNA M. CABALLERO, That MTC Distributing be congratulated on the celebration of its one hundredth anniversary and commended for its myriad contributions to humanity.


Dated this 1st day of February, 2021.


Honorable Adam C. Gray

21st Assembly District


Honorable Heath Flora

12th Assembly District


Honorable Carlos Villapudua

13th Assembly District


Honorable Anna M. Caballero

12th Senatorial District


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